Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ilkley 2

Well, just discovered I know the person who won the Ilkley Short Story comp - we met at a short story festival a few years ago, so congratulations Frances! If I couldn't win, I'm happy that it's someone I know of, at least.

OK, sore hand, must stop typing.

No, it's not from all the writing I've been doing. More's the pity.


frances.gapper said...

Hi Tania - yes, I remember chatting with you on the station platform and in the train, after Small Wonder. Thanks very much - it was a real surprise as well as a boost to win the Ilkley comp. It's been making me think about the potential of very short stories, since my story was a collection of mini-fics. Maybe a whole novel could be built from such tiny bricks!
very best wishes to you - Frances

Vanessa G said...

Wow... isnt the writing world a small one?

Congratulations, Frances... and hello again T I've become beta'ed.

hope all well


TitaniaWrites said...

Hi V, welcome to the beta (better?) world! Finally we can comment on each other's blogs and feel that someone is reading our words of wisdom!