Friday, January 25, 2008

Storytellers Cafe

The Storytellers' Cafe is a wonderful intiative from my writing friend Felicity Cowie. Here is how she describes it:

You have to bring your own cup of tea or coffee but come inside and take part in Cafe Improv where you can write the next installment of a group story. Or heckle.

You are also very welcome to submit your own new fiction writing to the site. Or advice about writing. The cafe is also keen to showcase bands, comedians and still or moving pictures. Work is published regularly. Guidelines are available by clicking on the Submit work button.

If you visit Chatter you can post and read any messages asking for or offering help or work. You can post whatever you like although The Management will frown on anything including the words 'bigger', 'satisfied', 'left to you in a will', 'just days to go'.

You can also browse work by the cafe's current writers. Some of it has already been published or won prizes and much of it is premiering here. If you are spectacularly impressed with something you read please do contact the writers directly or visit their own weblinks. Those details should be presented with their work. All copyrights belong to the artists and not this site so you will need to approach them for any permissions.

Private 'rooms' are available, for free of course, for any writing groups wanting a place to meet and workshop ideas but whose members don't want their work plastered all over the web, yet. For technical reasons this will be administered by the cafe but otherwise only members using a password will be able to enter.

I, for one, am going for it: here is my showcase page. A great thing for any writer, I wish her loads of luck with it!

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Anne Brooke said...

A great idea! I've joined up - at least I think I clicked all the right buttons!

Lovely site too!