Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Room of My Own!

Yay, I finally have a place to write in, a room with a door I can (almost) shut! Yup, I'm in our cellar. (The shed idea didn't pan out, many boring reasons why not. Mainly because Israel ain't really a shed culture.)

Here is the illustrious entrance to my domain:

Bend your head a little, it's a low space...

We've cleared out enough for me to sit in here, but am testing it out before we do the final blitz and really get rid of those old suitcases, boxes of who-the-hell-knows-why-we-need-this and someone else's microphone stand.

I have created a teeny oasis in the midst of all this. I've run a power cord out of the kitchen window and down, not the ideal solution, just temporary.

The one window, which looks out onto the side of the house, just above ground level. The white thing is an oil burner, diffusing rose scent to try and mask the slighty-damp-and-musty fragrance, and doing a great job.

Ok, I'm here now. Guess I should write something. Yup. No more excuses. Ok.


Deborah Rey said...

Uh ... mind if I say that - so far - I am most impressed by the entrance?
Only joking, I think it is going to be a super place to write. So write already!


Ben and Sharon said...
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Tania Hershman said...

Deborah, you might be right to be impressed only by the entrance! And yes. Gotta write.

Ben - explain!

SueG said...

I love the way you've "tarted" it up! Just be careful about leaving books down there. They might get all yucked up with damp and mildew. I learned that the hard way 2 summers ago...but there's nothing like having a space of your own, eh? Enjoy.

Tania Hershman said...

Oops, Ben, didn't mean to delete your comment!

Sue, I don't think it is actually damp, just a little musty, but I will be careful about books, I don't want that to happen. Thanks for the warning! Happy blog tour!

Sarah Hilary said...

I'm jealous! Happy writing, cellar dweller!

Douglas Bruton said...

Love it, love it, love it!

I've got a shed, but I want one of those. And the entrance like a doorway into hell... and writing can be like that sometimes, so going in there you'll be prepared. Ready to take on all those demons. Send em packing with your masking scents and your flask of hot coffee and your fingers dancing over the keys.

Love it.

Now, get to it!



Susan Pogorzelski said...

Hmm...That looks like my kind of entrance ;)

I love the cozy atmosphere of your new workspace. An old rug on the floor and fabric or curtains on the walls might negate some of the chill, though I can't expect you have that to worry about much longer with summer around the corner!

Looks great, and sounds like you've already found some sparks of inspiration there! Looking forward to reading more from you.

Nik's Blog said...

That looks brilliant. Hope it brings you much success and inspiration!

Nik X

Tania Hershman said...

Sarah - cellar dweller, I love it!

Douglas, yes, it does look a bit like a doorway to hell :) Nice tie-in with the demons!

Susan, We cleared out a bit more this afternoon, so it now has a rug, and I do hope it does warm up soon.... it has the feel of a room that might always be cold!

Nik, thanks :)

Vanessa Gebbie said...

hey not too many demons I hope. It will be lovely.. cosy and really getting to the heart of the house... grounded.

look forward to super scribbles from the cellar (hey, a title?)


Stefani Nellen said...

Tania, this looks great. I think it's ideal to have your own space for writing in a place that's a bit removed from the "main house" and its distractions (phone, dishes, food...). Enjoy your writing nest!

annie clarkson said...

oo, I see some interesting writing coming from this space...

Tania Hershman said...

V - it's getting cosier! "Scribbles from the Cellar", hmm... not sure.

Stefani, I hope so, I am enjoying it so far. I wish there was no Internet, but I'd probably go crazy.

Annie, let's hope so!