Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carol Emshwiller on the Bat Segundo show

Carol Emshwiller is my new favourite author - I've been devouring her short stories and one of her novels, I love her surreal, fantastical prose. She has just turned 90 and we just did a wonderful email interview to accompany the review I am going to write of her Collected Stories - despite the fact that she is losing her sight. An amazing person, we had a lovely email chat. She was really interested in my writing, so much so that I just sent her a copy of my book - even if she can't really read right now, I just like the thought of it being on her shelves.

And now I am listening to her being interviewed on the Bat Segundo show, and it's 50% her laughter! And 50% a fascinating insight into a very long writing life, that is most definitely still continuing. A little taste:
"I think I don't plan ahead but the plot is in my fingers....I know enough not to be nice to my characters."
 Listen to it all here - or read excerpts here. Highly recommended!


Dora Dee said...

Wow this is amazing. 90 years old and she's still writing! This gives me hope, especially tonight when I was feeling so low about my writing, that I can get better at my craft and maybe even have something published. I'm fifty now (late bloomer!) but think what I can do with 40 more years - give or take - I'll have plenty of opportunity to practice and if I'm diligent write something decent. Thanks for giving me a boost. I needed that.


Dora Dee said...

Tania this is too funny! The Bat Secundo Show takes place in Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn? That's practically around the corner from me. It's a very small world. LOL

Sorry I just had to post again. One day I'll write about all the little "coincidences" that have happened to me lately concerning my writing life.


Tania Hershman said...

I know! My grandmother is nearly 102 and that really keeps things in perspective, if I've got another 60 years to experiment, try new things...

Jim Murdoch said...

I find it really sad how many people there are out there who have led long creative lives like this lady has and I've never heard of them. I've added The Mount to my Amazon wish list.