Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More short story celebrating - Slightly Peculiar Love Stories!

In the spirit of "less complaining and more celebrating" (although I urge you to sign the petition against the planned Radio 4 short story cuts) I'm delighted to have 4 flash stories included in the wonderful Slightly Peculiar Love Stories e-anthology from New Zealand-based Rosa Mira Books! How gorgeous is that cover, by the way?

To find out more about the book and its authors, check out Rosa Mira Books' blog, where the tireless Penelope has been blowing our trumpets for quite a while now. And then click and - for the very small sum of $10 - buy the ebook which Penelope describes as:
... full of rich and diverse tales — the savvy, the sad, the sharp, the tender, the triumphant, the fearful, the wistful, the dark, the light, the cruel and the kind. Stories of love. All slightly peculiar. But then, so is love itself.
Too true! I am delighted to be in such venerable company as Alex Epstein (we recently reviewed his flash collection, Blue Has No South, on The Short Review), Craig Cliff (read the review of his collection, A Man Melting),and Tim Jones ((read the review of his collection, Transported) - and many other writers I am looking forward to reading for the first time. Buy the book here.


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Ya indeed.

And um not sure if this is the right place to post this, but Philip Pullman, speaking last night in support of the Save Our Six Libraries initiative, came out strongly in support of story. And spoken story. And the importance of hearing fiction read, (he talked about children, but in context, in a celebration of language - and his remarks can equally be applied to radio, and adults...)

And I am LOVING Helen Oyeyemi's 'Mr Fox'. It is the most sparkling, clever, sometimes dark, always darkly funny and engaging piece of work. A bunch of simply brilliant stories!
Ad Graham Mort's Touch (The EdgeHill winner) is on the table. His style is quieter, more posed. You can read his stories separately - Oyeyemi's you need to read one after t'other preferably with a gin!

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