Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Off to London

I'm off to the Big City today, various bits of business and pleasure - including the launch of Rob Shearman's third short story collection, Everyone's Just So Special! I hope the forecast temperatures don't actually manifest, sweaty London is not my idea of fun.

But I also hope I will have a chance to swing by Foyles, the new home, for August, of the PhotoStories exhibition. Here's me standing by my PhotoStory, We Watched Him on Our Screens, when it was exhibited at Saatchi's.

Rob Shearman also has a PhotoStory in the exhibition, as do Adam Marek, Clare Wigfall and 11 other fantastic writers. (The typographs are available for sale.)

Ok, I'd better go. Bye!


Sarah Hilary said...

Have a great day. I think the weather's cooled off a bit? Your photostory looks wonderful, as do you.

astrid said...

Lucky you going to the big smoke! I wish I had a big city nearby for some hands-on book shopping. And good on you for participating in the Photostories exhibition - how long does it last?
Today though I am off to the Dolomites for a quick hike! No edits for the day! best, cat

Lauri said...

Lovely photo of you! Enjoy London. In my mind hot and London don't seem to go together.

Joanna said...


I just read your piece published on the Welllcome blog and wanted to say I enjoyed it very much. And ordered a copy of your book Joanna

Tania Hershman said...

Sarah - thanks! Turns out mine isn't part of the Foyles exhibition but it was lovely to see the others in the cafe!

Astrid, a hike in the Dolomites sounds rather more exciting! (exhibition on til end Aug, I think)

Lauri - tell me about it. London doesn't know what to do with 'hot'. It was okay. Just okay.

Joanna, how lovely to meet you, thanks so much for the comment you left on the Wellcome blog, and thank you, too, for buying my book!