Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Verb!

I have now mustered up the courage to listen to myself on Radio 3's The Verb and didn't run screaming from the room at the sound of my voice so I think it's okay! You can hear me reading my specially-written physics-inspired flash story and then chatting to Ian McMillan about it and about flash fiction... what a thrill to hear him say the name of my new collection in his wonderfully-mellifluous voice, I want to snip that bit out and keep it!

You too can hear him - and me - online for another 5 days, by clicking here. My segment is right at the beginning and I highly recommend listening to the whole program, with Charles Ferynhough, Julia Copus and Paul Heaton, it's wonderful.

Last week was exhausting, in the best way - and real proof, if ever any is needed, that you never know on a Monday morning what might happen by the Friday night!


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Ian McMillan saying 'My Mother Was an Upright Piano' is one of the most wonderful sounds out there! I almost wonder if you came up with that title, in the subliminal knowledge that one day, The Verb would be calling... :)

Anonymous said...

Just listened, Tania. That was fun. What a lot of attention he gave you and your story. That's so great. And your voice isn't what I expected it to sound like.

Tania Hershman said...

V - I don't think I ever in my wildest dreams imagined it! Which makes it sweeter ;)

Jill, thank you! Did you think I'd be, umm, squeakier? More mellifluous??!