Sunday, August 05, 2012

And Other Poems

Poetry, as you know, is something that both thrills me and - when I am trying to write it - makes me quite nervous. I have written some things I think are poems, and have been published as poems, but still the nerves remain. So I was delighted when the wonderful Josephine Corcoran, my Twitter friend, asked me to contribute a poem to her brand new site, And Other Poems - "simply a blog of poems". All the poetry there has been previously published elsewhere, a lovely idea to have a site gathering poems that perhaps appeared in print so that more of us can read them. My poem, Moss, went up today - and I urge you to wander around the site, the other poetry, by Christian Ward and by Josephine herself,  is just fantastic. And the site's simplicity is a very soothing antidote to today's bombardment. I am honoured, thank you, Josephine, for asking.

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Anonymous said...

Tania, thanks for contributing a terrific poem and for your encouraging comments. You also started some interesting 'poetry technique' twitter conversations today which certainly tickled my brain cells. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry and fictions.