Thursday, January 21, 2016

Short story talk...

I've been asked to waffle on about short stories quite a lot recently, I thought I'd share it all with you - first, here are a blue-tinged me and Kirsty Logan at Fictions Of Every Kind in Leeds in November, talking about short stories and writing:

Next, I was honored to be interviewed over at The Short Story, here's a snippet:

How has the editing process informed your own work?
What an interesting question! First, I have to say that it’s far easier to spot things in someone else’s work than it is in your own. What I do when I offer suggestions on someone else’s story is to remember to come at it from within what the writer wants to do, not how I would write that story.

And this week the wonderful folk at the Bristol Short Story Prize, for whom I am a judge this year, asked me a few more questions:
What influence do you think doing a PhD has had on your writing?

As a short story writer – and now also a poet – while I loved what I was doing, no-one was really waiting for me to do anything, by which I mean, I imposed my own deadlines, motivated myself. I didn’t have an agent chivvying me, for example. So the main reason for me to undertake a PhD in Creative Writing was to have a framework, to get gently yet firmly chivvied!  
You may discover that I disagree with myself in these interviews - any thoughts on your own writing processes, what competitions mean to you? Please do share in the comments!


The Hill said...

You say in one of the interviews that 'I had banished all my inhibitions when it comes to fiction-writing' - could you expand on that some more?

Tania Hershman said...

Hello, The Hill! Thanks for stopping by. Well, in a nutshell, it took years to finally be able to write without inhibitions. I think it was a combination of writing a LOT over 10 years, especially flash fiction, and becoming less precious and attached to each piece, and understanding how I work best, which is that I often do something else while I am writing (play online scrabble, tweet) which seems to distract my Inner Editor! Do you have anything like this that you'd like to share?