Sunday, April 22, 2007

Six little things: perfect flash fiction

It's time for a little positivity and praise - I just read the latest issue of Six Little Things , a publication for prose poems and the short-short story, and was simply stunned by the gloriousness of the six short but sumptuous pieces of writing on the theme of Mortal Enemies.

I am in love with flash fiction. It has got to a point where not only can I not read most novels, I am bored within a paragraph by most short stories. Short-shorts and prose poems are what give me the shot I need, the slap in the face, the splash of ice water. Surely the MTV generation (is that an outdated term now? Should it be the iPod/MySpace/YouTube generation) with its teeny attention span would love this art form? Why is it not everywhere? Maybe I will start a movement. Watch this (my)space.


Jan said...

Thanks for this; it sounds really interesting. I shall look at it.
There's a most important place for very short fiction in this hectic world of ours; it fills a definite need and its value should be recognised.
I hope this IS happening more and more?

TitaniaWrites said...

I hope so too, Jan!

Anonymous said...

I too love flash fiction. I've had stories published by Word Riot, Chick Flicks Ezine, Brilliant, The Front, Poetic Diversity, The Pittsburgh Quarterly and others. You will find some of the best flash fiction on the Internet on my blog and tips on how to write it. Guy-

TitaniaWrites said...

Thanks, Guy, I will head over and check it out!