Tuesday, June 19, 2007

magazines that make me happy

Ok, so I can't write right now. I haven't really been able to write anything since the news about my collection. V says that's normal. I don't call it writer's block. I'm not fighting it. I left the house a few hours ago with my laptop, thinking that I might try something. But then I found my letterbox full of goodies... and that was the end of that!

Here's what I got (not in order of preference):

Bravissimo's latest catalogue: bras, bras and more! This is heaven for the, err, more well-endowed of us who were fed up of heavy-duty scaffolding underwear. Lovely colours, all sorts of styles, tops with built in bras - even a raincoat customized to your bra size. Ahhhhhh, makes me very happy.

Bomb magazine: I entered this mag's short story comp and for my entry fee got a year's subscription. My first issue - Issue 100 - landed in the post box today, and what a beautiful looking mag it is. Lots of stunning artwork, articles about artists interviewed by artists, and a literary supplement with short stories and poems. I read a short short, very quirky, not at all what I would call "typical American short fiction", which thrills me! I am saving the rest of it for the 'plane ride on Monday to NY.

Seed magazine: So, if the first two speak to my shopping and literary sides, Seed talks to the scientist in me. But it's no ordinary science magazine, it's attempting hip & cool science and I think it's doing very well. Features on Roboethics, the meaning of life ( no less) and a review of the Museum of Time in France. Will be saving this for the plane, too.


Vanessa G said...

Funny, isn't it. I think it's because suddenly a hurdle is removed, and all that planning, work, run-up, is finished. And you feel a bit breathless? And a bit empty?

There seems to be such an expanse now before the next hurdle... and in fact it is so far away that you can't quite see it clearly.

So don't know quite what the next challenge is, even.

wierd, innit?


TitaniaWrites said...

Yeah, it does feel like that. I don't really have a next hurdle, it's kind of "carry on as before" except it's not "as before", so what is it exactly? Things are feeling a bit better now, there are some first lines for stories swimming around in my head. I worry when there's nothing swimming around in my head! Now that I've had the washing machine fixed (twice) and the fridge and the toilet seat has been screwed back on (very important), perhaps I can get back to my fictional worlds!