Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged again, randomly

Runaway Granny has tagged me and I quite like this one, so here goes. 6 random facts about myself:

1. I am a citizen of three countries (UK, Israel, Australia)

2. I once pierced my belly button, but it got infected so I had to take the ring out, sadly

3. I am not a morning person, rarely to be seen before 9.30 (yes, even that is a stretch) but did for a time have a job requiring me to get up at 5am and help translate the Israeli news into English.

4. My favourite comfort food is spaghetti with tomato sauce and grated very strong Cheddar.

5. I once learned Tai Chai but gave up because I spent the whole class thinking about what I was going to eat afterwards.

6. I met my partner, J, on an Arvon Foundation course in Science & Writing at Lumb Bank in Yorkshire, and I can honestly say that it was the last place I ever expected to meet anyone!

I think I will stop the tagging here. Feel free to post 6 random facts about yourself anyway.


Kerry said...

You met your partner on a an Arvon Course - that is so lovely! Two writers in a relationship though? That is brave - mone can barely handle the one!

Vanessa G said...

Good for you for calling a halt.

I'm starting a meme-free zone, and shutting the doors! Want to come in? They may be just a bit of fun but they waste time and are so meaningless?

ireneintheworld said...

i loved the evenings at lumbank, the meal at the long table, and the entertaining each other round the fire with wine in the other room. what a lovely way to meet a partner. x yeah i'm giving up tagging too.

OSLO said...

Don't understand this tagging lark at all but am am nosey enough to enjoy these tit bits - especially the Arvon-initiated romance :-) Agree with Kerry about two writers in a relationship - there's only room in mine for one.

Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

To put the record straight, yes, J did woo me with poetry, but he very quickly stopped writing poetry (don't they all?) after we got together and he's now making documentaries, so there's only one fiction writer in this relationship. Two would be a bit much!

Irene - isn't Lumb Bank heavenly? It was a life-changing course, in so many ways.

And yes, the meme thing was a little much, but I might do another one if it's got some value. I mean, 6 random things isn't bad once in a while!