Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 days to go... my Amazon ranking is up, and Dr Sara Tancredi is resurrected

4 days to go and I am throwing myself into preparing the Sept issue of The Short Review, which will (most probably) come out next Thursday. I always try each month to mix it up, a bit of this and a bit of that, but, magically, whatever I do, themes seem to appear across all the reviews. It's fascinating, I learn so much from my reviewers' takes on the books, what works for them and what doesn't - and I love reading the author interviews (six in the coming issue), finding out how they put their books together, how it feels to know people are buying them. Yes, I really only set The Short Review up for my own edification and entertainment!

In other news: the Amazon ranking for The White Road shot up from 300,000 or so to 59,326 overnight. What does this mean?? I mean, they're not selling it yet, so how does this work? No idea.

AND.... Dr Sara Tancredi rises from the dead! As I mentioned here a few days ago, I was shocked and appalled when the love interest (the aforementioned Dr Tancredi) in Prison Break was suddenly and cruelly beheaded. I decided then and there to stop watching (I was watching Series Three, a year behind everyone else) and give up. It was done so crudely, it seemed not to fit in with the plot at all. Today, while doing a little Google search (obsessed? moi?), I found this:

'Prison Break' Shocker: Dr. Sara Tancredi Lives!
Thursday, March 27, 2008
Yahoo! Buzz
Last year, Prison Break star Sarah Wayne Callies got into a contract dispute which ended in her character's untimely death. Fans of the television show were outraged, particularly at the way Dr. Sara Tancredi was killed. Early on in season 3, Lincoln was shocked to find Sara's head in a box, courtesy of The Company. She was killed after Lincoln attempted a daring rescue attempt to free her as well as his son, LJ. Well, Prison Break fans, all is not what it seems. TV Guide released a huge story today from columnist Michael Ausiello and Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead that says: Dr. Sara is still alive and returning in season 4!
Well. That changes everything. I might have to go back to Series 3 and carry on. You just never know what life is going to throw at you next, eh?

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