Friday, August 29, 2008

T-3.... and isn't this a great idea?

Book Case is a temporary public reading room that travels in a suitcase (or two). Its collection consists solely of material that can be read in a single sitting - zines, anthologies, essay collections, short stories, poetry etc. - and changes according to each new location it appears in. Readers are encouraged to interact with each other via index/correspondence cards in each book, or by old-fashioned conversation in the reading room surrounds.Book Case has had two separate outings so far, and is looking to travel to other events or festivals populated by people who like to read. Its collection (and accumulated readers’ notes) expands with each appearance, and can be tailored to suit any given event. Alternatively, if you would like to commission Makeshift to produce your very own travelling Book Case, please contact us.Donations of appropriate short-format reading matter are always welcome and much appreciated.
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pierre l said...

Hello Tania. It is now T minus zero because my copy of your book arrived ten minutes ago. I ordered it direct from Salt and the lovely Jen was most efficient. (I was originally going to put this comment on the relevant post, but decided this would be more visible.)