Monday, April 06, 2009

Getting sent a book

How great is it when a friend gives you a copy of a book they love and want you to read? This morning I was delighted to receive Welding with Children by Tim Gautreaux, sent by my friend Lisa in the US. I had sent her a signed copy of The White Road & Other Stories, and instead of payment asked if she'd send me a book she loves. This is what she chose. I'd read the title story a few years ago in a short story workshop and been blown away. I am so thrilled to have the book! I get sent review copies all the time, I occasionally buy short story collections myself, but to have a recommendation turn up in my mailbox is the ultimate pleasure.

I will savour it - I have a lot of reading time on my hands now, J has just gone away and I'll be alone for the better (or worse) part of two months. I am open to any other amusements... Of course, I could just get down to some serious writing (should writing be that serious)? There is always the fantasy that if I could be with my characters without mental interruption 24/7, I'd write the magum opus. Right now I am writing poetry, very very short poems, or what I think might be poems. The opposite of quantity. We will see what happens as the time ticks by.



Good luck with the poems. If you think they are, they probably are.

E.P. Chiew said...

TIm Gautreaux is one of my faves! He's such an excellent writer. His prose makes you savor the written word.