Monday, December 12, 2011

Vote for your favourite particle-accelerator-inspired flash story!

So, this UK particle accelerator, Diamond Light Source, held a short story and a flash fiction competition. And I went in for both. And now the flash fiction entries are all posted on the website, and you can vote. For your favourites. Not that I'm saying anything. Not that I'm happening to mention mine is called The Beam Line. (Others I know on the list are Pete Dominican and Kevlin Henney). This is just for your information. Right? Ok. Here's the website. (You do have to very quickly register to vote. Just so you know. In case... ) I'll be quiet now.

1 comment:

Dan Purdue said...

Best of luck, Tania!

This sounded like a fantastically quirky competition, but I didn't have time to look into what the Diamond Light Source facility actually was, so I didn't manage to write anything in time. I remember thinking it sounded right up your street, though.

I liked your flash piece; that long line of fixed grins is a great image.


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