Saturday, April 28, 2012

Short Fiction short story competition shortlist

Here is this year’s shortlist for the annual Short Fiction short story prize. Winner and runner-up will be announced in May.  Congrats to all!

          ‘Place of Religion in Modern Thought’  by  Paul Brownsey
          ‘Builder Unseals Tomb of Mummified Cat’  by  Rachel Fenton
          ‘The Yearning’  by  Frances Gapper
          ‘One Hundred and Seventeen Days’  by  Sandra Jensen
          ‘Bad Romance’  by  Charles Lambert
          ‘The Shuttle’  by  Scott Morris
          ‘Live Stream’  by  Annemarie Neary
          ‘Rooftops’  by  Sal Page
          ‘Like So Many a Suffering Prometheus’  by  David Shames
          ‘Landscape with Two Figures’  by  Angela Sherlock


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Lovely to have writing friends and contacts in there! Good luck to all indeed (and a little bit extra for Rachel, Frances, Charles and Annemarie...)

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks very much, Vanessa! ANd thanks for posting the list, Tania - it's very exciting to be on it and in such talented company!

Frances said...

Thank you, Tania and Vanessa! I'm really pleased to have got this far, in a comp run by such an excellent journal.

Lauri said...

Love the new look of the blog!