Sunday, February 10, 2013

Short Story Event Ticket Giveaway!

I will no longer be chairing this event due to the loss of my beautiful cat, but please do go, she is a wonderful writer.

I am incredibly honoured to be "in conversation" at Jewish Book Week in London on Feb 27th with renowned American short story writer Edith Pearlman, whose 4th collection, Binocular Vision, was published in 2011 - and was reviewed by Sarah Hilary on The Short Review. I've just republished the review on the site as part of our From the Archive feature. Sarah says of the collection:
On the middle shelf of my bookcase I have two piles of books, side by side. One is two feet deep and represents twelve novels I’ve yet to read. The other pile is for short story collections, and has just one book at present: this one. I’ll have read more stories, met more characters, laughed and cried and sighed more often reading this one collection than all the novels put together. Such is the skill of the author.
I whole-heartedly agree. I love this book - all her stories, actually. Edith should be far far better known worldwide - but this is her first UK event, and frankly it is unmissable for anyone who loves great stories, of all lengths. I can't wait to ask her questions about her writing and chat about stories!

And for you, my dear blog readers, I have one FREE ticket to give away! All you need to do is express interest here in the comments section and I will pick a winner on Feb 20th, giving the lucky winner a week to make travel arrangements and the rest of you time to get your hands on a ticket. If you want to read one of Edith's stories, try Capers, published in Ascent. Hope to see you on the 27th!


Paul McVeigh said...

Sounds like a lovely event. Put my name in the hat Tanya. Hope you're well. x

sara crowley said...

Oh wow, that sounds amazing. In weird synchronicity my colleague at the bookshop ordered Binocular Vision in for my short story section. It was his favourite book of last year. I had not heard of her (shame on me) and spent yesterday flicking through the collection, reading a couple of the stories and thinking how amazing her words are. Now here you are doing an event with her. Wonderful. I so look forward to reading more of her.

Tania Hershman said...

Paul - you're in the hat!

Sara, how funny, but really everyone should be talking about her and reading her stories! Wanna win a free ticket?

Caroline said...

It does sound like an amazing collection Tania - 'better than Chekhov' according to an Amazon reviewer. If only I wasn't already committed on 27th Feb I'd ask for my name to go in the hat.

chillcat said...

I wouldn't be able to attend but would love to! Sounds like Edith is a writer who should also be on my list. Thanks Tania! Xcat