Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting the Year with A Good Read & A Load of Submissions

My year started off well (yesterday actually) with a bumper crop of lit magazines and others arriving in the post.

Tin House

Paris Review

SEED - very cool science mag which has a Fiction contest

Poets & Writers - incredibly useful resource for writers

and - most importantly -

Isotope which I had been looking forward to receiving. It's A Journal of Literary Science and Nature Writing which has a fiction contest to which I have submitted one of my stories. My contest entry fee also entitled me to a year's subscription, and the first issue has arrived! I am dying to know what literary science and nature writing is... will keep you posted.

I was also inspired by my two acceptances last week to fire off a load of stories in various directions: the Lunch Hour flash fiction contest got 4 stories, online magazine Tattoo Highway got another, The Big Ugly Review received three stories for their theme "The Body", JBMB contest got a story.

We'll see if any of those get anywhere, but not stressed about it at all. Just looking forward to another year of STORY.

Happy New Year of Reading and Writing to all!

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