Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More publications

Just got back from a lovely two days away in nature in the north, an eco-village that is mostly solar powered, not connected to the national grid. No Internet, no TV, lots of trees. Very relaxing... but two days was enough!

I came back to a few nice bits and pieces:

Riffing on Strings, the anthology inspired by String Theory which includes my short story, Secrets, is now available, from all good bookshops - and Amazon! If you have always wanted to know a bit more about string theory but in a gentler way, without loads of equations, this is the book for you. My copy hasn't arrived yet so in the meantime there is more info at Scriblerus Press.

Something to read without waiting for your Amazon delivery is the June issue of the delightful (and Scottish) Ranfurly Review, in which I have three short shorts. I am in the illustrious company of several writing colleagues: Chelsey Flood, Mark Dalligan, Sarah Ann Watts, Oonah Joslin. Many thanks to editor Colin Gailbraith for a wonderful read!

Ok, now I'd better do some writing, eh?


SueG said...

Hi, I somehow lost you briefly, but now you're found again, just in time to see that the book which houses your story is available. i just ordered it. Can't wait! I'll now put your blog in my trusty in-box where it won't be lost again. All best.

Sarah Hilary said...

Congratulations! By the way, I was impressed to see Legend Press' 8 Hours VERY prominently displayed by the till in my mother's local Waterstone's at the weekend - independent press AND a short story collection.