Monday, June 30, 2008

I am podcast!

I'm delighted to announce that two of my flash stories are being broadcast as part of the Sharp Things series on the excellent RethinkDaily podcast, the first, Egged On, tomorrow (July 1st) - it is actually up there already (it's the second story). It sounds great, read by an actress, she did a great job!

Click here to visit the site. You can listen there or download it like a regular podcast, through iTunes or whatever.

My second story, The Angel in the Car Park, will be in Episode 7, next week. The full list of episodes is:

Episode 1: The Ways of the Country (Sion Scott-Wilson)
Egged On (Tania Hershman)

Episode 2:
The Rabbit and The Raven (Jenny Adamthwaite)

Episode 3:
Loneliness, Love and Lateral Incisors (Peter Ward)
Little Things (Liam Tullberg)

Episode 4:
Brotherhood (Dave Pickering)

Episode 5:
How does it Feel to be Loved? (Heather Taylor)

Episode 6:
Those Things we can't Talk about (Jenny Adamthwaite)

Episode 7:
Schrodinger's House Plant (Mac Dunlop)
The Angel in the Carpark (Tania Hershman)

Episode 8:
Get a Grip (Peter Brown)

Episode 9:
Statues (Dan Scott)
Plaster Caste (Chris Grollman),
Red Carnation, Whoever It Was, Your Keys,
Tightrope, Shell (Jenny Adamthwaite)
Previously Loved (David Gaffney)
Lines (Dave Pickering)
To Catch a Kidney Thief (Daniel Gent)
Water (Holly Howitt)


pierre l said...

That was a lovely story Tania, and the actress sounded perfect for the role. Well done to you and to her.

Sarah Hilary said...

This is very exciting - I'm really looking forward to listening. (By the way, I'm two stories into Refresh Refresh and LOVING it.)

Anne Brooke said...

Fabulous news - well done, you!


SueG said...

Wow. That's fantastic! I'll give a listen once I'm stateside.

Tania Hershman said...

Thanks so much, Pierre, Sarah, Anne and Sue. Didn't she read it well, Pierre? It's a "cute" story and her voice really suited it. I cant wait to hear how the second story comes out next week, it's very different. Such a thrill! I am uploading it to my website, so if you miss the podcast go to

Tania Hershman said...

Ps Sarah - I hope Refresh, Refresh is everything it promised to be, looking forward to your review!

Sarah Hilary said...

I devoured another three stories on the train this morning, Tania. Is it bad form to rave about this on my blog before I review it?

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Glad you are putting it on your blog, T... I have so much catching up to do.

Lovely tome arrived for review from Dzanc Books this morning. perfect. Just in time for Bantry.