Friday, October 31, 2008

Brainwave most likely to strike at 10.04pm

Just came across this:
Brainwaves are least likely to strike in the afternoon, according to a survey that suggests office workers have little chance of solving problems after lunch.The least creative time in the day is 4.33pm, with 92 per cent of people admitting to feeling uninspired in the afternoon.The poll of 1,426 people showed that a quarter of us stay up late burning the midnight oil when seeking inspiration.Taking a shower is the most popular way of getting our creative juices flowing, with 44 per cent of us heading beneath the nozzle when in need of a mental breakthrough.It appears that bathrooms have a key role to play in bringing on brainwaves. ....

The research also showed that 58 per cent of people forget their best ideas by failing to write them down immediately, although women are more successful at keeping note of their brainwaves.A third of all people polled aged 35 or more choose to write notes on the backs of their hands, the poll by the Crowne Plaza hotel chain showed.
(full article here: Brainwave most likely to strike at 10.04pm - Telegraph)

Very very interesting. (Also: Crowne Plaza hotel chain poll??)

This seems to confirm my hunch that I should be working at night... I love night time and was thinking that going on retreat might be the chance to flip my schedule (schedule?) around and work from 10 ish for several hours. I will see if that works. Looking forward to meeting other writers and artists and seeing what works for them.
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Holly Tucker said...

Hi Tania. Thanks for leaving a note on the blog. We did need a visitor from Israel! We've covered about 75% of the world so far--still working on the rest. Help spread the word...and thanks again!

Holly and A

Clare said...

I have ideas when I'm walking -- I walk for 45 minutes to get to work. I think it's to do with the rhythm, and the chance to let my mind wander.