Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Cyclone "Walking the White Road: flash, fiction and science" virtual book tour is officially announced!

As you can see from my fancy new blog logos, I am delighted to announce my Virtual Book Tour, part of Salt Publishing's new Cyclone programme.

The "Walking the White Road: flash, fiction and science" tour will kick off on October 28th on the Keeper of the Snails blog, and then wend it's away around the world, from the UK to the US, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, ending up at Thoughts from Botswana at the end of December. Much more than I could ever have done in person, without being exhausted and bankrupt! The idea is that each tour date will cover a different aspect - of writing, of my stories, of the writing life, of the fusion of science and art, etc...

Click on the image above to go to my Cyclone tour page for details of all the blogs and tour dates. More information on tour topics and the participating blogs very soon.

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Vanessa Gebbie said...

Lovely to be part of this! And delighted to see so many writers I know on the team. Especially Lauri, with whom I have been working for a year or so on The One World Anthology.

Hopefully, when that comes out next Spring, we can have a whiz around the world on blogs too!

Anyway. I am working on questions for you. And am thinking I will concentrate on a single story. is that OK?