Thursday, October 30, 2008

Short Review Guest Blog Post: Randall Brown Gives Thanks

We're delighted to have Randall Brown, author of the newly-published collection of flash fiction Mad to Live (Flume Press) telling us about his process of giving thanks. Here is a taster:
"Recently, I had to write the acknowledgements for a collection of (very) short fiction, and as I thought of person after person to thank, I realized maybe I hadn't been that kind-of mythic, solitary writer of lore, holed away from the world as if in a cave, banging out words that barely can be seen with the light of a single desk lamp.....

The hardest thing for me, as both a person and a writer, to do is to step out of that dark, womb-like cave and take the risks necessary to face the uncertainties inherent in writing stories. While the final answer always resides inside, the outside world of writers and readers have helped me with every single story I've written or published."
Read the rest of the blog post here.

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