Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Review and... the Final Leg of My Virtual Book Tour!

The White Road and Other Stories has been reviewed by Jen Michalski in the Winter Issue of the JMWW Journal, and a very nice review it is too:
" Hershman's other strength is her ability to keep the reader on her toes. She weaves the warbly, neon threads of magical realism together with the steel rods of science, and the effect often is very satisfying."
Read the full review here.

And - I have arrived at the final stop on my Virtual Book Tour, at Debi Alper's blog (which I invite you to read more of, she is a very fine writer and very candid about her life and her writing).

Debi and I talk about living here in Israel, how where you live might affect your work, where and in what time I would liked to live if not now... and the often overwhelming pace of modern life. A snippet:
I have to say that I do have a yearning to be born at a time when I could be part of a writers’ group like the Bloomsbury group or any group who got together on a regular basis to thrash out ideas and inspire each other. And not just artists but scientists too. I remember visiting the Kafka museum in Prague a few years ago and being jealous of his particular set of intellectual buddies (I don't think there were any women). This doesn't happen any more, or not anywhere in my vicinity. Yes, there are blogs etc.., but I yearn for those dimly-lit, smoky cafes and intense discussions about philosophy, physics, creativity, art.
For the full interview, the last chance to hear me talking about me me me for a while (!), click here. Thank you to Debi and all the other hosts on my Virtual Book Tour who were curious and interested, asked excellent questions and gave their own thoughts. All the interviews are still online, just in case you missed one.

It's been thoroughly enjoyable... time to retreat a little from the spotlight, I am sure a writer is supposed to be doing something, now what was it..? Umm, ...writing? Ah yes.


Nik's Blog said...

Loved the interview, Tania. Now, relax!


Debi said...

The pleasure is all mine, Tania, even if you did eat the last chocolate ....

Now pick up that pen and get writing ...