Friday, January 09, 2009

Signed copies direct from me

Thanks to J for the excellent suggestion - special offer! While The White Road and Other Stories is out of stock everywhere, which I am assured will be remedied next week, I still have a number of copies that I am happy to (sign and) send to anyone around the world.

Email me at tania(at) and we can discuss costs etc..!

Alternatively, the Where to Buy page on the book's website lists other ways of ordering the book, although there might be a little delay. Sorry about that. I believe there are copies in various libraries, the "green" alternative (although don't let my publishers know I'm saying that!).

Thanks and happy new year of reading.


annie clarkson said...

Wow that your book has cleared the shelves, Tania. How exciting...

Cynthia Morris said...

Well, it's a good sign they're selling out. Hooray!