Monday, January 12, 2009

Source of Lit - Online and Off

I am not very well. It's been several weeks of virtual hibernation, not really going out of the house because that raises anxiety levels. It's a combination of stress and hormonal imbalance, and I am now taking stuff and seeing people who are helping, as well as helping myself by laying off the coffee (shame) and sugar (hmm...chocolate?) and, well, not doing very much. I haven't felt well enough to concentrate on any writing, although stories are forming themselves in my head so I hope something might emerge soon, but I have, as always, been reading. So, here are a few recommendations for some wonderful sources of lit I have been enjoying:
(All links open a new window so feel free to click 'em all!)
  • "The Accident", a short story by Allan Reader in Memorious, an online lit journal new to me (thanks Matt Bell for the recommendation).
  • "I Never Asked You", a poem by Lee Stern in Pank Magazine, another online&print lit journal I have just stumbled upon.
  • "The Drunk as a Kind of Beautiful Wolf", a prose poem (I think!) by James Grinwis, also in Pank.
  • Ninth Letter, a print journal the size of a telephone book, stunningly designed, and with wonderful writing. I can't link to any of the content here, but I highly recommend buying an issue.
  • "An Unhappy Man", a six-sentence long flash story by Nik Perring published in Six Sentences.
  • "Pump and Ladder", a short short story by Howie Good in Issue #9 of Drunk and Lonely Men
  • "Cigarette Vignette", the winning short story in the Vignette Press short story contest, by Bernadette Rafferty. Now published in print as part of their Mini Shots.
Happy reading!


Sarah Hilary said...

I'm sorry you're feeling unwell, Tania. I'm glad you found some good reading material to get you through. x

Sheila Cornelius said...

Tania I hope you feel better soon. It must be difficult not getting out. Glad the books help.


Anne Brooke said...

Hope you feel better soon, Tania - I do find that stuff that helps me includes:

Rescue Remedy
Quiet Life Pills (herbal ones)
Calming teas (eg camomile etc)
Vit B tablets (they help depression)

or whatever is available where you are. That's probably no use anyway, but I'm sending hugs and stuff. Oh and my HRT gel helps too ...


Amy Charles said...

I'm sorry you're low, Tania.

I just read Frank O'Connor's "The Bridal Night"; short, and it moved me. I thought it was just right.

Sarah Salway said...

Get better soon x And typically generous of you to be recommending other people's writing despite feeling glum. Thank you.

Women Rule Writer said...

Wishing you well, Tania. It must be so stressful there at the moment. Take care. N x

Debi said...

Y'know, writing is so much more than getting the words onto the page.

'Stories are forming themselves in your head'? That's writing too.

Sending love and hoping you're able to stay positive.

harvey molloy said...

Get well soon. Thanks for introducing me to Pank.

Cynthia Morris said...

Get well soon and thanks for sharing such great resources!

Tania Hershman said...

Thank you so much Sarah and Sheila.

Anne - I am on serious doses of vit B and something called Calmanervin, not sure what that is exactly, valerian and passiflora, i think. Rescue remeedy is a great idea, thank you!

Amy, thanks for recommending more reading, I will have to find that one somewhere.

Sarah, that made me feel better, recommending great writing.

N - thanks, it is rather stressful, but I am ok in my little warm home and am staying put.

Debi, that's so right, thank you!

Harvey, it is my absolute pleasure, isn't Pank wonderful? I've subbed some flash stories to them.