Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A tag... and one more deadline!

As the Israeli General Election creaks along today in the background, accompanied by storm-like conditions and great wind, I've been tagged by Lauri at Thoughts from Botswana and this is a good one so I am happy to be a taggee. Here is what I am commanded to do:
List at least five things you do to support and spread a love of the written word, then tag five people. (If you list something that touches youngsters, you get a bonus letter!)
Ok, here are my five things:

  1. I set up The Short Review, whose sole aim is to spread the love of short stories, and it seems to be going pretty well so far.
  2. I write about the writing process on this blog, which I hope both demystifies something about the process but also conveys the magic of the written word to those of us who trade in it.
  3. I am teaching a short story workshop (to adults so no bonus point - although one student is 16!) with the aim of conveying my passion for the written word in general and short stories in particular, and bringing the group weird and wonderful short stories they may not have found by themselves just to indicate that a short story is not easily defined.
  4. I write regular "Source of Lit" posts on this blog to spread the word about short stories, books and poems that I have read and loved.
  5. I write and I take the risk of sending my writing out into the world, in the form of short stories and the book (have I mentioned the book????It's still out of stock in the UK and selling for silly prices on Amazon, but this is ridiculousness, and it should be back in stock at normal price later today or tomorrow), sending it again and again even after it gets rejected, which is the most personal way for me to demonstrate my love for the written word.
A great tag because it is something we in this business should think about from time to time. I will tag some of my newer blog colleagues: How Publishing Really Works, The Write Reality, Debi Alper, Forgetting the Time and LitScribbler. Looking forward to your responses.

Ok, addendum to yesterday's Writers Service Announcement:

March 1st: Abroad Writers' Conference, 5000 words, first place wins full tuition to the conference in Scotland (value, $2,750 shared room) or India (includes airfare, value, $4,000); Second-place winners $250.00; and, third-place $50.00. Top 10 Short-Story finalists will have their stories read by Colin O'Reily, the producer of the film "Blades of Glory" with starred Will Ferrell. Postal entry. Fee $25, payable online.

Winners will apparently be announced on March 15th, according to a message I received this morning through Facebook, but this seems incredibly fast so it may be a typo!

Good luck to all.. I had better go and vote.


Lauri said...

Tania, great list and as you've said it is important to check yourself every now and then as a writer. It is very easy to become insulated.

Sarah Hilary said...

Excellent list, Tania, you should be proud. I bet there's a correlation, too, between how much you contribute to the wider world and how well your stories sell. A valuable lesson to all writers.

Love the new blog look!

annie clarkson said...

an amazing list... I can't possibly list five things as good as this... but will give it a go...