Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Two Short Review story collections in Top Ten Books to Talk About in 2009

(Cross-posted with The Short Review blog)

The first round of voting has ended and I'm delighted that two short story collections we spotted first, Alison MacLeod's Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction and Sophie Hannah's The Fantastic Book of Everybody's Secrets, are in the final Ten of Spread the Word's Books to Talk About. Two short story collections in the top ten is excellent news for short story lovers!

Now let's take it all the way...The second round of voting, to find The Book To Talk About for World Book Day on March 5th, is now open, so do go and cast your vote (again, if you voted in the first round). Links below to reviews of the two collections.


Sara said...

I met Alison MacLeod on Saturday, and am hoping to organise an event at Waterstone's Brighton with her to coincide with this. It's ace news, and Ms MacLeod gets my vote for her thought provoking and brilliant collection. Hurrah!

Nik's Blog said...

Excellent news indeed. And heartening.