Monday, February 09, 2009

Writer Service Announcement: Upcoming Deadlines

What do you think of the new look? I just discovered (after the rest of the world, it seems) that Blogger's own templates are not the only templates... there are loads of free templates out there for the taking. This one is called Rotterdam and is designed by Pannasmontata. I love the picture, something very calming about it.

On to the Writer Service Announcement. Here are some upcoming short story competition deadlines you might want to know about. (As usual, all links open new windows/tabs, so feel free to click all of them without fear.)

Feb 14th: Writers & Artists Yearbook: 2000 words, win £500 and a place on an Arvon Foundation writing course worth £575. Online entry. No fee.

Feb 15th: The Binnacle 6th Ultra-Short competition: 150 words, $300 in prizes, min $50. All finalists published in beautiful ultra-short edition. (See my blog post). Online entry. No fee. 2 stories max.

Feb 28th: Summer Literary Seminars: 25 pages (approx 5000 words), winners receive publication in Fence magazine, as well as the participating literary journals in Canada, Russia, Kenya, Italy, and Lithuania. Additionally, the winner will have the choice of attending (including airfare, program fee, and housing) one of the SLS-09 programs – in Vasto, Abruzzo, Italy (May 15-30); Vilnius-Nida, Lithuania (July 20-August 4); or Nairobi-Lamu, Kenya (December). Online entry. $15 fee.

March 6th: Symphony Space Selected Shorts: 600 words, "a single short story that contains a surprise", win $1000 will be read as part of the Selected Shorts performance at Symphony Space on May 20, 2009. Online entry. $10.

March 20th: Fish One-Page Short Competition: 300 words, win €1000, nine runners-up €50, publication in Fish anthology. Online entry. €12.

(opens Feb 15th) March 31st: 10th Raymond Carver Short Story Comp: 6000 words, "a single short story that contains a surprise", win $1000, $750, $500, 2 Editor's Choice prizes $250, publication in Carvezine. Online entry. $15.

March 31st: Press 53 Flash 750 words, short short 1500 words, short 5000 (see site for other categories). previously published pieces are accepted. Win glass trophy and publication in anthology. Online entry. $15.

March 31st: Bristol Short Story Prize 3000 words. Win £500, £300, £250 (plus Waterstone's gift cards), 17 runners-up receive £50, publication in annnual prize anthology. "We also welcome stories in any style- graphic, verse, genre-based, etc., etc." Online entry. £7.

March 31st: Jane Austen Short Story Award 2000-2500 words, inspired by Jane Austen or her writing. Win £1000, 2 runners-up £200, all three win week's writing retreat at Chawton House, 15 shortlisted win £40, publication in annual prize anthology. " Postal entry. £10.
There is no harm getting your story in early, as Women Rule Writer mentioned in her very useful post about judging a short story comp. That said, I am always a last-minute-entry kinda gal. That's just the way I work..

Other news: It has been Rejection City over here at TaniaWrites since the new year began. I never mention all the rejection just so you can think I have a 100% success rate! Duotrope, the best friend of any writer who loves statistics that may or may not mean everything or nothing, tells me my acceptance rate is actually 25%, which sounds about right. So, anyway, this morning I woke up to a rejection and an acceptance, which just sets the day up beautifully! The rejection was for a flash story that was one of the five accepted for publication by Pank, a new magazine I found a few weeks ago and mentioned in my Source of Lit a few weeks ago. A new venue, I am delighted... but am dubious as to whether they have actually accepted all five flashes, which were sent in one document. I am sure they will set me straight later on, but for the moment let's assume it's all of 'em, yippee!

Addendum: I just heard back from Pank, they are accepting all five flashes for publication. Wow! That makes up for January's rejections.


Lauri said...

Tania, I like this picture but it will take a while for me to accept that this is your blog. Too used to the old colours.

So many contests so little time. For me though it is such a mission paying these small amounts since we don't have PayPal properly in Botswana. I made a vow that I stick to loosely of not paying for submitting. It does seem a bit masochistic. Paying for a 50% or higher chance of rejection? I mean really....

The only place I pay (5USD) is Writers Weekly 24 hour contests because I love the pressure and almost always get a marketable story out of it.

But thanks for the info.

Tania Hershman said...

I know, I know, it takes time to adjust, it's all different! But I think you'll come to like it.

I know about the contest fees dilemma, it's a serious one, and the PayPal problem makes it even more serious. Sorry to hear about that. Glad the Writers Weekly contests work for you, I will have to check them out.

Lauri said...

back again- I've tagged you for a game you are uniquely suited-


Gay Degani said...

Tania, Love your new look. And for you to spend the time posting sub deadlines is far beyond the call of duty. But thanks so much. I'd almost forgotten about Binnacle which is on my 2009 hitlist to get into.

Way cool.

Nik's Blog said...

What a swanky new look, T. Very smart and clean. Big congrats on the acceptances - five in one aint bad going!


annie clarkson said...

oo, nice calm new look... thanks for all the tips... I might send some shorts to places.. but I really need to write some new ones.!

annie clarkson said...

Oh, update... I just sent two ultra shorts to the Ultra Short Competition... thanks x

Douglas Bruton said...

Love the picture of Rotterdam... makes me think of a painting by Vermeer... of Delft.

Thanks for posting information on these comps. I had some of them marked, but some are new to me and I will look into them now.

Congrats on the five flashes scooped up and to be published. That is really great, Tania. I think I can hear you whooping from here.

Best always


Tania Hershman said...

Lauri, thanks for the tag, will definitely do it, I like this one!

Gay, it's useful for me too, reminds me what the heck I need to do and what I haven't done... and I like the colours :)

Nik - isn't it a lovely template? I'm afraid I spent many many hours fiddling around finding the right one. Writing-related? Who knows. And yes - 5 flashes accepted is rather nice!

Annie - you are fab, good for you! A free competition is always worth entering. Did you write new 150 word stories?

Douglas, beautiful isn't it? I've never been to Rotterdam, I don't live anywhere near Rotterdam, but I love it. Glad I could bring you some new comp info. And yes, that's me whooping!