Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Flying Fish Tale

A very short blog post from me today - I would like to direct you over to Vanessa Gebbie's Flying Fish Tale where she has, very beautifully and in her own poetic way, illustrated by way of fiction the danger that artists and writers face when our creativity is out there in the world: the danger that someone who cannot or doesn't want to do their own work to find their own uniqueness and voice, will sample ours instead, something she and I have both, distressingly, discovered in the past week.

Enough said.


Alex Keegan said...

Thanks for the link, Tania.

But IMO, NOT enough (yet) said.

Best Wishes

annie clarkson said...

I agree, here's half a story, indeed

Sarah Hilary said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been struck by the plagiarist plague also, Tania. I really wish someone would "out" the cheat so we could condemn and be forewarned/armed. I understand that you and V and others are too decent to want to do this but really - it stinks that you and other writers are being ripped off and the identity of the thief is protected.