Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Interview & Book Giveaway at How Publishing Really Works

As some eagle-eyed readers of this blog may have spotted, I am to be found this week discussing how my book came to be published and what happened next over at Jane Smith's excellent How Publishing Really Works blog. I have tried to give as honest an account as I could of the process to date. This is the second, I believe, in Jane's Trios series, where an author, a publisher and a bookseller discuss a book from their particular aspect. Jen Hamilton-Emery from Salt and Sara Crowley, short story champion at Waterstone's will be interviewed there shortly.

And... for all those of you who don't yet have it, I will be giving away a copy of The White Road and Other Stories to one lucky blog reader...What are you waiting for??


Anonymous said...

Hi Tania,

I came across your collection via HPRW, and noticed that it contained the words New Scientist. I'm not an average Science 'person' :-) but I do read it every week because of the effect that these suggestions have on my working life ( WB ).

Whilst not wanting to tell you how to suck eggs, and noting that Peter F Hamilton is not a viable media conversion pitch ( again ) have you considered focusing your promotional efforts on the hard science fanbase?

Warmest Regards


Anonymous said...

And one last note to you and other potential cross platform opportunities, if your proposition, which as it comes to us from 'helpful little people' on commission WAAAAAY before it gets published survives the first 5 minutes of the weekly scout meeting, then we WILL google everything, facebook everything, myspace everything etc about you, so keep it clean!

Warm Regards


Tania Hershman said...

Hi Anon, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry to be a little dense, but what is it you are suggesting/advising me to do??

Re: the hard science fan base, I was thrilled that the book was in New Scientist's Christmas Books Special Best of 2008! Any other suggestions very welcome!

annie clarkson said...

Really enjoyed your article, looking forward to reading what Jen and Sara write next few weeks