Tuesday, August 22, 2006


the only thing that gives some hope in this endless cycle of conflict and more conflict are inviduals who don't let anything stop them from trying to talk to "the other side". Went to see a film last night that brings these amazing people and their stories to a wider audience. I highly recommend seeing Encounter Point wherever and whenever you can. These people are very real, some of them have faced the worst tragedies a person can face, and if they can try and humanize "the other", then can't we?

It's hot, so so hot. I've turned on the aircon for the first time this summer. I feel bad, enivironmentally, for doing it, but I was going a little loopy so it is a necessary evil. Will turn it off as soon as the temp drops below 25 and the humidity below 30%.

whine, whine whine.

Knitting's coming on well, I've finished the back and have started the front.


hershmab said...

By hog or by cog, I'll be first in this blog.

U no hoo IM.

hershmab said...

...anyhow I shall follow this up when we get back.