Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shavua tov?

What a way to come out of a quiet, beautiful Shabbat catching up with friends after being away for a month. To the headline in Haaretz "Mother, two daughters killed in Katyusha strike on Bedouin village as 130 rockets land in an hour." And then, underneath, the Reuters report on "Thousands marching in London, demand Middle East cease-fire" in which I read that "Thousands of demonstrators marched through central London holding placards reading "End Israeli crimes in Lebanon" and "Freedom for Palestine"." Makes me furious. Not a word about the hundreds of Katyhusha rockets that Hizbullah is sending over northern Israel daily with the specific aim of killing as many civilians as possible. What are we? Less then human.

Not the way to start the week.


Vanessa G said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

I feel for you , and for all caught up however peripherally in the current conflict. It seems that wherever I look in the UK press, there are emotive stories, usually fuelled by a photo or two of children.

What happened to straight reportage? I get the uneasy feeling that I am being manipulated between two extremes. Bush (who may have his heart in the right place but seems led by factors other than altruism) and the liberal press.

vanessa G

tafka PP said...

Indeed not the way to start the week.

I wrote about this too last week- and incidentally, my Palestinian friends are furious, feel their cause is being completely hijacked.

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