Tuesday, August 29, 2006

healing in tsfat

Sunday was a very interesting and unusual day. For me, the unusual part started with waking up at 7.15am, which never happens. Despite J's comments of "how lovely it is this early in the morning", it won't happen again soon. But it was for a worthy cause. My friend Y had taken it upon herself to organise a group of artists, therapists and healers, and take us all up to Tsfat, which is right by the Lebanon-Israel border, to provide post-war stress relief to as many women as possible.

On the bus on the way up, with an artist, a dancer, a Life Coach, a consegrity healer, a masseuse, a mandolin player and several baby-sitters for the babes, worries were expressed. How will they welcome us? How will we organise it all? Will it go well? I was especially nervous because, although I am trained in energy healing, specifically Reiki, I have never practised on strangers. I've zapped the odd headache and period pain, but never had someone I don't know lying down in front of me with their eyes closed, expecting healing. What with that and the very strong coffee I had at the Kvish 6 service station, I was not in the best frame of mind.

When we got there, though, to Ascent, a religious institute which particularly welcomes those "new to religion", shall we say, we all got quite excited. Every healer got her own room with beds and towels (I didn't know what I'd do with my towels, but left them there anyway), and a sign on the door. Then we waited for the influx.

In the end, I gave 8 treatments, of 25 minutes each, pretty much one after the other, and it was an amazing experience. The scientist in me always voices scepticism, while the "other" side of me says, No, this fits in with science, it's energy fields, it's quantum physics. And what I found so astonishing was that I felt something, and each woman was totally different.

One woman who desperately wants more children, I told that she had wonderful energy flow from her head to her waist, but then there was a blockage. Another woman, I sensed that she had angry feet, and that seemed to mean something to her. Another "client" had a weight sitting on her stomach that was pushing people away, and had something to do with a little girl. My first client, I sensed that she really wanted someone to brush her hair for her, and when I told her she said, "How did you know?"


I told them what I felt and left it at that. We didn't have time to discuss in detail. But they were all extremely grateful. All in all, we jointly saw 80 women that day.

Kol HaKavod to Y! Another day is being planned for Nahariya, also heavily attacked during the war - and this time men will get treatments too.

Here's to less stress and more energy flow!

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