Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Time for the wine

Just spoke to D - G is out of Lebanon. Thank goodness. She called his commander last night, was told to call back at 4am. She's a journalist and was already up north for a story, so when the commander said, Come to the border now, she went. She was there as Israeli soldiers streamed past her in the darkness, khaki-coloured figures in the early light, returning from the hell they had been in, elated, she said, to be out of there.

It took her a while to find G, and then she managed to get permission to hop on their jeep with them and head for their next destination, which happened to be close to where she was staying. She called. She said,

"G is in the shower",

and I could hear the relief in her voice, mixed with many emotions puzzling at the strangeness of all the night's - and month's - events.

Now they can crack open the bottle of Tishbi I bought them.

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