Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Terror attack in Jerusalem

This might not seem to fit into a blog on writers and writing, but I realised that I think this is the first terror attack that I have been in Jerusalem for since I started blogging. A young Palestinian man drove a large tractor down a main road in the centre of the city a few hours ago, ploughing into cars and overturning a bus. Three people were killed, dozens wounded, a baby is in the hospital and its parents can't be found. 

All this is ten minutes' drive from my house.

I had planned an afternoon of writing and working on The Short Review. But now I am numb. My whole body goes into shock when something like this happens. I can't be creative. I can't do anything. I can just drink tea and sit and wonder how this all came about. I can't even begin to imagine writing about this, about how it is to be here, now. 

I pray that the baby's parents are found soon. 

For more news on this, click here.


SueG said...

My God. Will it never end? I have wondered what it might be like for you living there. We moved to London in the height of the IRA bombings and I had to do a lot of "work" around living with that kind of constant threat. I'm thinking, as always, about everyone living in Israel, and now, knowing you, makes it even that much more worrying. Do take care!

Nik's Blog said...

That's hoffific, Tania. Very, very best wishes to all.


Sarah Hilary said...

Thinking of you. Take care. S xx

Jo said...

hope you're ok. x

pierre l said...

very sorry to read that Tania.

KatW said...

Thinking of you and all involved. Sending you hugs. Kat

Tania Hershman said...

Thank you all, it really means a lot to me that you took the time to write something here. It turns out that of the three people killed today, one was a friend's cousin's wife, and another was the sister of a friend of mine's sister's friend. So, really, one degree of separation. It's always much closer than you think, it's just one step away. Tragic.

Julia Bohanna said...

Tanya, I have only just seen the news and thought of you straight away.

So terrifying and pointless; as usual the innocent die.

Cyber hugs from here to you.

Look after yourself and I hope that the flow of words come soon. After the initial shock - it will be a distraction, I hope.

Caroline said...

This is too horrific for words.
Please take care.
Thinking of you x

Merc said...

Thinking of you.

Julia Bohanna said...

I am thinking of you too, even though I called you Tanya.

Sorry, Tania.

Late night.