Monday, September 08, 2008

Amazon is go! and some every day poetry

Yay, Amazon UK has finally removed the "temporarily out of stock" and is now saying TWR is available...! Wheee! A friend and fellow writer popped round last night to see the "baby", with a half bottle of wine to toast it, which was totally unexpected and so delightful. There is nothing like celebrating with others who get more excited than you do, because you are a bit dazed and staring at it and wondering what is going on, to lift your mood. Thanks, A!

Now, I promise to plug my writing mate Oonah's new venture, Every Day Poets. An offshoot, sister site from the wonderful Every Day Fiction, which brings you a flash story every day, EDP is planning to do the same with poetry. Here is what they say:

For The Reader

Poetry is all around us. It is in the rhythms of our daily lives, the drab and the colourful–moments, hues, smells, the music of a child’s laughter, the screech of brakes. But very often we don’t have time to stop and experience the moment. That’s what we hope to allow you to do through the work presented here–stop and look at the world everyday from a different angle; the small detail and the grand design. We hope to enrich your day. Whether you like Haiku, Villanelle, iambic pentameter or alexandrines, prose poems, concrete or Limericks, we hope you’ll find some rhyme and reason here and some things to treasure.

For The Contributor

Every Day Poets is offering you several unique incentives to publish your poem here. Since we publish a short bio and link back to your website or blog, you can consider your poem as being a kind of advertisement for your collection or other writing. This is an opportunity to get your writing seen and get your name out there. We will also allow a link to your work on Amazon to help you drive your own sales.

We recognize that your efforts to promote your work will benefit our magazine so we hope to continue the custom of interviewing the author of the poem that gets the most (unique) page views every month and posting that on the site. That gives you a great opportunity to talk about what you are trying to achieve through your poetry and, as all you poets out there know, that is rare indeed!

For now, our cash payment is small because our print schedule is so aggresive, but we hope our magazine will grow along the same lines as Every Day Fiction so that as we prosper, you will share in our reputation. We look forward to reading your work.

Submission is through the online form, and they are looking for "short poems, of up to 60 lines/500 words or fewer. There’s no such thing as too short." Amen to that.

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Vanessa Gebbie said...

brilliant! It was selling out, that was the problem, I bet.