Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the shelves

Thank you so much to Sara C for this:

There it is! In Brighton Waterstones, sandwiched gorgeously between short story goddesses Lorrie Moore's collected stories and Vanessa G's fabulous Words from a Glass Bubble. Wow. Another weepy moment.

We're off in a few hours, to England and then to Ireland for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival, where I will be doing my first reading, on Friday. Excited and nervous, most definitely. But to be talking short stories for 5 days? I can't wait! Then to London, to listen to five wonderful authors at the Salt publishing Ride the Word III evening at Borders in Oxford Street on Wed Sept 24th, and the Mechanics Institute Review launch at the Horse Hospital the next night. Watch this space for regular updates.


Women Rule Writer said...

See you Wednesday, Tania! I can't wait! N x

Gay Degani said...

The two of you right up there on the shelf in the company of one my OTHER favorites: Lorrie Moore! I'd say you've really arrived, Tania. Congratulations.

SueG said...

You're going from strength to strength! Congrats (again)! And travel safely!!!

KatW said...

Congratulations! How exciting. I know you've already left by now but if you check your blog while you're away - wishing you a fab time. Kat :-)