Monday, September 01, 2008

It's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wasn't sure this day would actually come, that there wouldn't be some natural disaster (earthquake, flood, pestilence) or a warp in the space-time continuum that would somehow prevent it. But it's here. And it feels GREAT. It doesn't even matter that I don't have the book in my hands. Whatever happens, I am a published author and no-one can take that away. Wow. Just in case you forgot what it looks like:

It is publishing by the fabulous Salt Publishing. The website I built for the book is now live:, with information on how to buy (bless you for wanting to), and more about science-inspired stories and flash fiction, and Eco-Libris, who are planting a tree for every copy of the book printed.

Wow. Hmm. Wow. Yup. Ok. There it is. Thank you. All of you. Wow.


Merc said...

A big welcome to your book and best wishes for its success.

Sarah Hilary said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! WHAT A STAR YOU ARE!! I love love love how you're so excited - it's infectious, is what it is. Relish this day, and this moment. You did it. Made it. You're HERE!!!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

You are a STAR!!! And the book is wonderful. Such a clever collection, bright and intense... like the title suggests.

And its lovely that you are thanking everyone else, T... but they should be thanking YOU.

so -

THANKYOU for The White Road.

Nik's Blog said...

Massive congratulations, Tania! Enjoy today, Author.

Nik xx

Tania Hershman said...

Thank you Sylvia, Sarah, Vanessa and Nik. And thanks Vanessa, for your thanks, and your lovely comments. It's just thrilling, the White Road website has had 94 hits so far today... and that is all due to the Internet - Facebook, my blog, WriteWords, Zoetrope. Without it I don't know what I would have done. An amazing tool.

(The bizarre Amazon ranking has shot up to 4,381, I am sure it will plummet shortly!)

Ilana said...

Can't wait to read it! Congratulations again.

Jo Horsman said...

oooohhhhh! (that's a long 'ooh') x x x x

Douglas Bruton said...

Got mine ordered and sent on its way... wonder if I''l get my copy before you get yours!! Looking forward to reading it.

Best of luck


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Tania - great news!


Kerry said...

I'm so so happy for you Tania. Can't wait to get mine little copy in the mail! Hurry up amazon!

Tania Hershman said...

Thanks, Ilana.
Jo - a great and long ooooo!
Douglas, thank you so much, you might very well get it before me!
Anne - thank you!
Kerry, so sweet of you to have ordered it, you are lovely!

Douglas Bruton said...

Had it three days now... read it every break I've had... loved 'Henry' and 'North Cold' and 'Rainstiffness'... gonna get me a copy of New Scientist and see what might be in it...

Do you know that Leonardo Da Vinci once made a 'robot' or automaton for the king of France? A Lion that walked a few paces and then it's stomach opened to reveal it was filled with lillies? Isn't that amazing? Weird, but amazing. Just found that on the New Scientist web site. That's got to get into a story somewhere.

Best of luck with the reviews when they come in, Tania.