Thursday, December 04, 2008

Drunk and Lonely Men

Great title for a lit zine, eh? I am honoured that my flash, And Bruised, is published in Drunk and Lonely Men's third issue. These are their submission guidelines:

Submission Guidelines
Depress us.
Send up to 3 of your saddest poems or stories (250 words or less)
We accept simultaneous submissions and reprints, suicide notes and bomb threats.

I am delighted I managed to sufficiently depress them. Always the aim of my writing.
Go read the issue, it's killer stuff.


SueG said...

Great. I'll go read it now. Things are too chirpy around here, anyway. And thanks for the info on the mag. I have a couple of really depressing poems that might foot the bill! :-))

SueG said...

Me again. Just read And Bruised. So bleak. Right depressing, as they say, but of course, so beautiful. I do love the way you write!

Gay Degani said...

Tania, this entry caught my eye and I'm going to check out the e-sine. Rarely--especially over here in America--does anyone utter the words, "depress me."

Been checking on your exciting 2008 periodically. You are rocking it!

Sarah Hilary said...

Great story at a great venue, Tania. I loved the line about being shaken from her skin.