Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Next stop on the Virtual Book Tour: Playing Word Association with Kelly Spitzer

After answering so many questions about myself for the Virtual Book Tour so far, which has been fun and illuminating but exhausting, Kelly Spitzer and I decided to do things a little differently for my appearance on her blog. Word association. She tossed words and phrases at me, most of which were from stories in The White Road and Other Stories, and I responded. Here's a taste:

Side effects. By-products.

Are often more interesting. Get rid of the main attraction, take a peek to the side, what’s happening in the margins, out of the spotlight. Distract your mind, put your attention somewhere and let your brain whirr away in the background. By-products can be toxic, altering; side-effects can include twitches, upsets, asymmetry, imbalance. Much more interesting than whole, healthy, walking the straight line. Veer off the main drag, take a detour, walk the darker paths, the roads less taken.
For the full "interview", visit KellySpitzer.com.

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