Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Supporting those who support us so wonderfully

My publisher, Salt, run by Chris and Jen Hamilton-Emery, works tirelessly to champion poets and short story writers who would, mostly, go un-championed in this odd publishing climate where quality does not turn into sales figures. They are having a very hard time, not having wanted to rely on Arts Council funding, wanting to stand on their own feet, wanting to increase sales, to sell beautiful books, to give readers something fabulous to read. Please support them - and every other small press who works for love and not for profit. Go and browse their site, look through their hundreds of books, many of them award-winning, both poetry and short stories.

As well as their regular discounts, with their exclusive Christmas offer, all books are now a further 13% off, so the total discount is 33%. It's an offer you can't beat, and there really is something for everyone. Buy a few for the readers in your life - there is no greater gift for a reader, in my opinion, than being introduced to a new writer.

And - join Salt's Poetry Bank or the Story Bank: an annual subscription gets you four luxury, first edition hardbacks that Salt picks for you, as well as discounts on other Salt titles, and a free copy of either David Gaffney's wonderful flash fiction collection, Sawn-Off Tales (Story Bank) or Chris Hamilton Emery's own Poets in View (Poetry Bank).

Here are a few book covers to whet your appetite. Click on the images to visit the Salt page:
and yes...some of you might have heard me mention this one:

Happy holiday reading!

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