Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Thoughts & Thanks

I'm not feeling very well. I haven't been feeling myself, feeling "normal", whatever that means, for quite a while, and have today given in to the fact that I need to do something about this. When I am feeling like this, everything grinds to a halt. I can't write, I can't focus, the joy is drained. I am not a fan of medicine and doctors, but I can't do this much longer so I will have to give in and see what they've got for me. So, as we turn the corner into 2009, my first thought is to take better care of myself, mentally, physically, emotionally.

What else do I resolve? Well, I can't quite see how 2009 could beat 2008: a 30-year dream was realised, my book was published. How does it get better than that? My next resolution is to stop worrying about how to proceed, stop trying to define life-post-book, and just go with the flow. I will write what I write, and if it is "just" flash fiction, that's fine. And if it turns out to be longer stories, that's good too. And maybe it will turn out to be something I haven't imagined yet.

I already have quite a few plans for next year, which isn't like me: book promotion in London in Feb during Jewish Book Week, some exciting and inspiring trips in June and possibly in August. It's hard for me to see that far ahead. Take it one day at a time.

I also want to say thank you: thank you to all of you who celebrated, and continue to celebrate my book with me. Your delight has really made this the most magical experience, sharing it is far greater than keeping it to myself. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, thank you to those of you who reviewed it, who blogged about it, who hosted me on your blogs. Thank you to all my new friends made through my writing, our writing. Next year, I look forward to giving as much as I have received, which will be a hard task indeed!

I wish all my blog readers a wonderful New Year, a year full of great books and creativity and inspiration, peace and connections, openness and serendipity. See you on the other side!


Tim Jones said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2009 too, Tania. You have given much, so you deserve all the good things you receive!

annie clarkson said...

I hope 2009 is wonderful for you Tania. you are an inspiration, and your blog and writing have been wonderful to read during 2008... I'm sorry you don't feel well... life can be hard sometimes. But we have to look afer ourselves, emotionally and otherwise, and perhaps this will be the thing that will thrive for you in 2009... I wish you well, and welcome to 2009 xx

Sarah Hilary said...

Happy New Year, Tania! I hope you feel better soon. Meeting you was one of the highlights of 2008 for me. I hope we can get together again in 2009.

Nik's Blog said...

Yes, happy new year. They sound like fine resolutions, Tania. Here's to a terrific and happy 2009.

Nik XX

Women Rule Writer said...

Hey T, It was great to meet you in 08 and I hope to see you in Ireland in June. I always think one literary year can't beat the next, but they nearly always do. Things move on and expand in ways that make me learn. OK, I write less than ever now BUT I get to do more writing related things. And so will you. Happy 2009! N x

Anne Brooke said...

So sorry you're not feeling well, Tania - do get yourself to the doctor and sort it out. I know it's difficult but it's the only thing to do. Sending healing thoughts your way, my dear.

And well done on an excellent year! Am already looking forward to buying that flash fiction collection. Miniature fiction is the new broad canvas. Naturally.