Monday, July 14, 2008

Clare Wigfall wins BBC National Short Story Award!

Many many congratulations to Clare Wigfall, who has won the £15,000 BBC National Short Story Award for her story, The Numbers. I listened to "The Numbers" the other day and I was deeply moved by it, an amazing story, a little different, strange and beautiful. (You can still listen to it online until Wednesday).

Congratulations to Clare, the youngest shortlisted author, who we interviewed and whose debut collection, The Loudest Sound and Nothing, we reviewed on The Short Review. And congratulations to the other four authors who were shortlisted - and the other 595 of us who sent a story in, even if we didn't make it ... this year. Clare, what will you spend the money on??


Frances said...

How lucky I am - I have a copy of Clare Wigfall's story collection The Loudest Sound and Nothing. The Numbers is the first story in the book. Congratulations, Clare!

Nik's Blog said...

Congrats to Clare. Loves listening to her story.


Sarah Hilary said...

Clare was speaking on Radio 4's news show last night. She was so enthusiastic. They also quoted Alex Linklater as supporting the short story but couldn't resist the usual comment about how hard it is to sell short story collections. Perhaps if they stopped saying that, it would get easier!!

Tania Hershman said...

Frances - I haven't got a copy yet, I will now that I heard that story.
Nik - wasn't it read beautifully! Very powerful.
Sarah - YES! I wish people would stop harking on about it, the short story has had enough of being the poor relation, the victim. The short story would like to say that it is alive and well and doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for it. So there.

Sarah Hilary said...

I suppose Radio 4 wanted to make the point that the BBC is one of the "few" organisations keeping it alive, petting it the way you might an elderly and unloved spinster aunt whom no one else will go near. I like your manifesto much better!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Its hard to sell BOOKS full stop, isn't it?!

What about manuals on how to fix soffits? I bet those don't exactly walk out in their thousands!

The ceremony was lovely. There were bacon rolls and smoked salmon bagels, and everyone was amazingly welcoming.
I gave Clare a hug... she is just lovely.