Thursday, July 31, 2008

Follow-up on the retreat & other news

La Muse has a room for me in November, so I will be often on my French mountain-top seclusion for three weeks - although I am assured there is WiFi in every room (and a wood-burning stove) so I can still play Scrabulous while I work. Am delighted, and I am now trying to figure out the cheapest, fastest route there from here, which will probable involve going via Barcelona and then taking the train to France. I love train journeys, this will definitely get me in the mood, airplanes are so sudden, so soulless. The train gets you there and you feel you have truly travelled.

In other news: A capella Zoo, a new "independent literary magazine" which called for experimental writing, has accepted my flash story, We Keep the Wall Between Us As We Go (inspired by a line from a Robert Frost poem) for the inaugural issue, due out in October. Good luck to them, anything that promotes experimental writing deserves support.

What am I up to? Well, I am working on the website, which will accompany my collection. If you go there now there isn't much there yet, but I have grand plans, and will unveil them on Sept 1st, publication day. Ambitiously, I might even include a page for any book groups who might want to read my book. This seems extremely presumptuous to me, so that idea might not happen. Ach, it's all exciting.

I wanted to say Happy belated birthday to Nik, and good luck to ya to Sara and Jo who have begun writing their novels 300-words-at-at-time. Congrats to Jo on being appointed contributing editor to Red Peter! Did I miss anyone? Feel free to let me know!


Sara said...

Aww, cheers Tania.

Trains are definitely my preferred mode of travel. Probably because it's the only transportation that doesn't make me sick!

Sarah Hilary said...

How wonderful to have that retreat to look forward to, Tania! And congrats on the flash acceptance and the website. So exciting!

Jo Horsman said...

Hello Tanya,

Thankyou! I wrote my 300 words at a poker tournament last night. I came eighth out of twelve so I had some time on my hands waiting for my husband to come second hours later.
And yes, horay for Red Peter! ANd thanks for your suggestion for my night...x

Nik's Blog said...

Thank you, Tania!

And congrats on the acceptance; I like the look of ACZ.


Kerry said...

Looking forwrad to seeing the's all coming together! I will definately be checking out the book club page ;)