Thursday, July 03, 2008

Three beautiful things?

Inspired, as I always am, by Clare, I thought I would try and find three beautiful things to say today, in the face of such tragedy, in the face of the fact that the baby I mentioned turned out to be the child of the cousin of a friend, and her mother, who had tried and tried for a child, saved her daughter by handing her out of the window of the car seconds before she herself was crushed and killed by the rampaging bulldozer driver.

Hard to find 3BTs. OK:
  1. The way the whole country mourns the loss of every life, they are never nameless and faceless but the news is filled with pictures and with their stories and the sparks they left us.
  2. The power of tears to release emotions
  3. My writing group, who met last night, albeit in reduced numbers, which is such a wonderful source of support and inspiration


Anne Brooke said...

So very sorry, Tania. Thinking of you a great deal and of course the people involved.


Women Rule Writer said...

Oh my God. It's hard to do anything in the face of such tragedy.
Thinking of you,
N x

Nik's Blog said...

Yeah - what Anne said.



Sarah Hilary said...

This is a horrible and ugly thing that has happened, and I feel for every person affected by it, not least you, Tania. I think the Beautiful Thing is right there, at the heart of the ugliness: the mother saving her child's life. Humbling and courageous and heart-breaking.

Tania Hershman said...

Sarah - you know, I have been thinking the same thing all day, how amazing what she did was, saving her daughter. Thank you for seeing that, too. Thanks Anne, WRW and Nik, too.

ireneintheworld said...

tania, this is so heartbreaking! it really got to me. x