Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Second story podcast: Angel in the Car Park

My story, The Angel in the Car Park, is one of two stories in today's Sharp Things podcast from RethinkDaily. You can listen directly from the site, download the feed as a podcast, or download it from my website's Short Stories page.

It is beautifully read - a very different story from last week's, the only story I have ever written with a Jewish character, a rabbi. The actress, Chloe Gilgallon, who read both stories, did a wonderful job of bringing it to life. Thank you to Chloe and to RethinkDaily, what a great service they are doing for the short story!


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Tania - great news!


J Adamthwaite said...

Well done Tania!

I'm glad you're pleased with them - we are too.

We're getting lots of positive feedback and the current daily average for Rethinkdaily downloads is around 250 a day, so lots of people are hearing the stories.

Thanks for all your support,

Jenny and Dave