Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back online, in several ways

I have been Internet-less for the past few days, it was wonderful to get back online today and find 21 comments waiting for me, thank you all for your congratulations, it means so much to me. Must pay in that cheque...

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In other nice news: I heard about Eyeshot last week through the Literary rejections on display blog, which was talking about the editor, Lee Klein's, legendary and lengthy rejection letters. I thought to myself, Well, let's get me one of those great rejections, and I sent off a new and strange flash story.

Instead, two days later, I got this:
I get so many purportedly "flash fiction" things - short pieces that try to do what you've done here - and although, content-wise, they don't really deliver much less than this piece, formally they don't suspend distraction as well or focus attention for a moment -- a quick, sharp look into a world, which this one does. Thus, I'd like to post it, definitely.
So incredibly nice. The story is now up on Eyeshot. And I am delighted to be there. Thanks, Lee!

Second, I have tried and failed for a long time to get anything accepted by online flash fiction journal Smokelong Quarterly. Finally, to my great delight, I was asked by one of the editors to submit several flash stories. That is a first for me, but I know that being solicited by a magazine is no guarantee of acceptance, so I was doubly thrilled that today they accepted one of the flash stories, Coat and Shoes. It will be published in the next issue, in December, along with an interview with me, I believe.

I'm back in France on the writers retreat now, after all the hubbub of the past few days, between awards ceremonies and the funeral of a dear, dear man, JB. It's nice to be back in the silence, I am determined to "make the most" of this last week of retreating, but not in a way that puts great pressure on me to "do" and "produce". Resting, thinking, contemplating how it will be when I get home; all these will also be "making the most". Here's wishing you all a wonderful week.

PS Next stop on the Walking the White Road virtual book tour: Sue Guiney's Blog, Tues Nov 18th, for a discussion on fiction and religion!


K.C. Ball said...

Congratulations on both acceptances, Tania. Having a story sell is one of the best highs in the world, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well done on braving a submission to! I think I'd rather find myself wandering through downtown Basra in just a pair of union jack boxer shorts! ;)

Sarah Hilary said...

Being courted by SLQ? That's amazing but it makes perfect sense that they realise they're missing out. Congratulations on the Eyeshot acceptance and have fun putting together the SLQ selection.

E.P. Chiew said...

I'm not surprised by both pieces of News actually. SLQ can sometimes have blinders on, I think, where great writing is concerned. For awhile there, they kept ginning out the same voice, the same tone, the same subject matter, and it was boring. But with some new blood, finally they've seen the light! Ha! They are lucky to have Tania Hershman!

Read the White Road, if you haven't. It's a fabulous collection, and I'm not saying that because I know Tania. It's because there are some amazingly nifty stories with inventive scenarios behind them. The prose is very sharp too, and I'm becoming a better flash writer I hope just from reading her.

Congrats T.

Anne Brooke said...

Well done indeed!


And while I'm on, our University book group has agreed to have The White Road as one of our books for discussion in the spring, so if you could let me have lots of background info on you, your writing and anything else you can think of, that would be v. helpful - if you have time! As a group, we love knowing the author's bio/background/reasons for writing/themes etc etc - we're very thorough! If that's okay, you can contact me via the website - - huge thanks!


Tania Hershman said...

Hi KC, yes it certainly is great, even if they aren't paying me anything!

DBA - what a great image you leave us with. Is Lee Klein that fearsome? I had no idea...!

Sarah - I follow you in SQ, very proudly.

Elaine, thanks, that's so sweet of you, what you said about SQ and about my flashes etc... Looking forward to flashing with you sometime, we should do some of those Blastette things. I loved that.

thanks so much. And I am really excited to hear about your book group reading the White Road. What can I provide for you? I will email you now. Wow, my first book group discussion.