Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Walking the White Road: Stop 2: LiteraryMinded in Australia

The world certainly seems to be a different place to wake up to this morning, excitement and change in the air. For me, I may be in France, but I am also appearing in Australia today, the second leg of my Walking the White Road virtual book tour! A small taster from LiteraryMinded blog author Angela Meyer:
"Tania Hershman takes you on a series of short imaginative adventures in The White Road. Some stories are casual, tough, or laid-back, many are poetic. There are backwards unravellings, fantastical flights, speculated inventions, surprises, cleverness, humour, and scorn. The snapshots vary in tone, and explore possibilities - scientific, technological, emotional. The book is physically bag-sized and each story can be read in a sitting, but are all worthy of full attention."
I talk a bit about inspiration:
Other writers inspire me. Great writing inspires me. Bad writing inspires me. Films, plays, television programmes, magazines, conversations, inspiration comes from every corner.
...and a bit about two eleven-year-old boys. Head over to LiteraryMinded to find out more!


Nik's Blog said...

Hey Tania - can't comment on LM's blog cos I'm not a WordPress member - but I loveed the interview (and that story).


Tania Hershman said...

Hi Nik,
that's so annoying, I wish Wordpress blogs would do what Blogger does and let you just sign in with your name etc... Now that explains why there aren't any comments! Glad you liked it, it seemed like a bad idea to try and publicise anything not connected to Pres. Obama!

Nik's Blog said...

I agree, totally!


Douglas Bruton said...

Organic Chocolate Bar Designer? How much design would that take then... or do you mean the wrapper? No, I think it was the chocolate you were attracted to. So that, if you couldn't be a writer... might be a character for a story in there... the chocolate designer... the dream job... and what qualifications would you need for that?

Another nice interview here, Tania... and revealing yourself a page at a time.